• Coming up October 13th & 14th we're adventuring in Saskatchewan, Canada, and Bremerton, Washington! Fans up in... fb.me/4C4yKRNvT - via Twitter Oct 06
  • Rockapella kicked this season of On the Stage at Kingsborough off on the right foot! Were you there? fb.me/4U6LjPnPH - via Twitter Sep 27
  • Rockapella lands at On Stage At Kingsborough, September 24th. Be sure to grab your tickets!... fb.me/ReHsst3V - via Twitter Sep 19
  • Read the latest interview with Jeff Thacher of Rockapella as he discusses their upcoming September 24th show at... fb.me/8pCdCdCqI - via Twitter Sep 14
  • New Yorkers! We'll be in BROOKLYN on Sat 9/24! See you there!... fb.me/7eAXOEllF - via Twitter Sep 14
  • Rockapella performs at On Stage At Kingsborough in Brooklyn, NY on September 24th. Get your Tickets! fb.me/593hcbtXp - via Twitter Sep 13


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